When it comes to passwords making their passwords “short and simple” isn’t enough according to new research by Specops Software revealing that 88 percent of the passwords used by cybercriminals consist of twelve characters or less.

The Annual Weak Password Report also revealed that 83 percent of passwords used meet the security requirements for password size and complex requirements, which suggests that using special characters might not be enough.

While they’re avoidable, research suggests that weak and easy passwords are responsible for more than 80% of breaches of data. However, if users are using passwords that can be cracked then we suggest a quick and easy method to ensure your password hygiene by 2023.

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The Specops weak Password Review: Best Results

Complex, long passwords are difficult to remember. However, new research from the security firm Specops indicates that failing to use the best practices can hurt your business or you over the long term.

After looking through the breached passwords of 800 million in this company’s Breached Password Protection List Researchers discovered that a long password is crucial in preventing a breach, with 88% of passwords that were compromised containing twelve characters or less. The use of passwords that contain only one number is even riskier, with the study showing that the most popular length of passwords found during this break was eight characters.

Unexpectedly, even those that meet the requirements for length and complexity may not be secure, with 83% of passwords that have been compromised being classified as “safe” passwords according to the major security agencies such as NIST, PCI, and the HITRUST program for HIPPA.

A bit less surprisingly the report discovered that “password” is the most often broken code and that “admin” along with “welcome” follow in the second and fourth positions. Specops also found that businesses that use their own names as their primary barrier of defense have more risk of being broken as well, including Nvidia the chip maker that was which was the subject of a major security breach in the past year, being utilized as an instance.

Increase the security of your password in one easy step

With 41 percent of Americans relying on their memory to track their passwords, there’s no surprise that simple, memorable passwords are commonplace. But, with incidents of data breaches increasing by a third over the last two years and breaks costing businesses an average of $4.24 million, having strong passwords has never become more vital.

Fortunately, those days of committing passwords in the memory (or noting them down on a crumpled notepad)are over. password managers let users keep track of their passwords on a range of platforms simultaneously. If the process of you struggling to create a unique, indestructible password makes you feel anxious do not worry password managers can create codes for you as well.

After analyzing and testing a variety of top options we discovered that NordPass is the most effective of the lot, thanks to its easy-to-use design and reasonable price. But, from 1Password to LastPass there are a variety of options filled with applications designed to strengthen your first and foremost, first line of defense.


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