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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: How to Succeed

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Imagine that all you needed to earn money online was the creation of a website. It doesn’t require you to design the products yourself or provide services. Does that sound appealing? Welcome to affiliate marketing.

As per Statista, the companies’ expenditure for Affiliate marketing will be $8.2 billion U.S in 2022.

Begin today then you’ll find yourself in an ideal position to benefit from the. This guide will help you discover:

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • Why is affiliate marketing so popular?
  • The way affiliate marketing functions
  • How much could earn
  • Do I begin affiliate marketing

How do you define affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you market a company’s item or product in exchange for a percentage of the sales you make. Commissions typically are proportional to the sales cost, but they can also be fixed.

Why do affiliate marketing?

Here are two reasons you should look into affiliate marketing:

1. Low-cost and low-risk

The process of starting a business involves incurring upfront costs for items and employees, as well as equipment rentals, and more. This can be costly and risky. Affiliate marketing is a simple process. All you require is a site. If you don’t succeed it’s just a waste of time and a small amount of cash.

2. Easy to increase

A typical salesperson sells products of one company. As an affiliate marketer, you are able to promote products from a variety of businesses as well as earn profit from each of them.

What is affiliate marketing?

The retailer provides each affiliate with a unique link so that they can determine who was accountable for the sale. The link is usually something like:

1 affiliate link 2 affiliate marketing

If someone clicks on that link, a tiny piece of data called a cookie is saved on their devices.

An affiliate cookie can do two things:

  1. It allows the merchant to attribute the sale to the correct person;
  2. It (usually) includes an expiration date, which means you will be paid even if the purchaser has to wait for their purchase.

Here’s an illustration of how it works.

Imagine that a person visits your blog about the top winter jackets. They click an affiliate link taking them to merchandise on Amazon.

They realized that they need to take the daughter they have taken from school. Therefore, they go to the school and pick up their child then eat dinner, and later return to Amazon to find the product once more.

As they’re already shopping at Amazon and other sites, they’ll buy some ski equipment too.

This is great news. In the past, they clicked your affiliate link, and the cookie was saved on their computer. Since Amazon offers a 24-hour cookie duration, you are paid for the winter jacket as well as ski gear, even though you did not endorse the latter.

What is the maximum amount I can earn as an affiliate marketer?

The short answer is that you are not limited. It is all about your area of expertise and how much effort you put into it.

Most affiliate marketing professionals earn the six- or seven-figure mark each month.

For instance, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income earned more than 100k in affiliate commissions in December of 2017.

2 spi earnings 2 affiliate marketing

Ryan Robinson, another affiliate marketer, earned more than $19,000 in affiliate revenues in October of 2019. The Wirecutter was another successful affiliate site, which earned an estimated $10 million in revenues and was later transferred to New York Times for $30 million.

Remember that they’ve done an amazing job in creating their brand. It took them many years of dedication to reach this stage.

If you’re only beginning your journey your checkbook may appear similar to this for a few weeks:

amazon check 2

You must manage your expectations. You may not earn huge dollars right away, However, but do not let this deter you.

The achievements of others show you that with dedication time, dedication, and the right understanding and skills, you can too attain those levels.

How do I get started with affiliate marketing?

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Select the platform
  2. Choose your niche
  3. Search for affiliates that you can join
  4. Create great content
  5. Increase visitors to the affiliate website
  6. Get clicks on affiliate hyperlinks
  7. Convert clicks into sales

Step 1: Select the platform you want to use.

Theoretically, it is possible to do an affiliate program on almost any social media platform. Even Instagram works.

3 instagram affiliate link 2

It’s more straightforward to create an audience and boost your affiliate sales by using any of these channels either a blog or a YouTube channel.

The process of starting your own blog today is affordable and easy. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet that will show how to start. The greatest part? It’s likely to cost just some cents per month.

When your site is online, optimize it for search engines to ensure that you have a higher chance of being found. You’re then able to incorporate affiliate links into your blog posts. (There is a method of doing this, which we’ll go over in the next section of this guide.)

Another alternative is YouTube. Making and uploading content to YouTube is completely free and therefore ideal for a lot of people. Make sure your video is optimized to be SEO-friendly and add affiliate hyperlinks in the description.

One of my favorites is BookTube which is where different YouTubers write reviews of books:

4 book recommendations affiliate link 2

Be aware that you must declare that you’re using affiliate hyperlinks. It is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that demands you to disclose when you earn money from endorsements.

If you’re running blogs, make a separate page, or add it to the footer section of your website such as:

Farnam Street A Signal in a World Full of Noise 2

If you’re posting it on YouTube Include it in the description of your channel:

Ace of Seafood The rise of the Anthropods YouTube 2

It’s likely that you’ll see more visitors to your blog than from a YouTube video. This is why the majority of the future examples will be for blogs.

Step #2: Choose your niche for affiliate marketing

If you’re just starting your blog today there are a lot of competitors. Statista predicts that bloggers in the U.S will be 31.7 million by 2020.

To have the best chance of success, you must narrow your focus.

Pick a subject that is focused on a particular area. For example, the subject that is “food” is an enormous topic. Instead of trying to tackle it, you can try something more specific like grilling food.

The ability to keep your topics short will help you reach an audience that is more targeted and could assist you to get higher rankings on the search engine results.

This is what I did when started my first site. Instead of focusing on “dance” or “hip hop,” I determined to stick to only breaking dancing. While I didn’t know anything about SEO at the time I was able to rank well for a couple of important terms and get 3,000 organic visits every month.

breakdancedecoded organic traffic 2 affiliate marketing

As you have covered the majority of this area and increased the traffic to those pages, then you could expand to different areas.


Looking for some suggestions to help you get started? Here’s a Check out this cool list of items to be on the lookout for.

If you’re planning to be the primary creator of content Choose a topic you’re fascinated by.

A lot of affiliate sites fail because of an absence of consistency. Therefore, at a minimum when you’re committed to something you’ll find it easier to persevere even when things get tough.

Don’t be concerned if you’re not an expert in your subject. According to Gary Vaynerchuk puts it, “document, don’t create.” Writing down the lessons you’ve learned will create excellent content and draw attention to those who want to follow your developments.

When you’re outsourcing content and content, it’s best to collaborate with experts in your field. Experts can assist you in creating quality, reliable work that can result in increased traffic, more engaged visitors, and greater affiliate sales.

Step 3: Search for Affiliate marketing programs that you can join.

There are three kinds of affiliate programs that you can choose from.

A. High-paying, low-volume affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are for specific niche products that pay high.

For instance, ConvertKit’s affiliate program will pay you nearly $700 per month for you to send only 80 customers. However, because they sell CRM software specifically for small-scale businesses, there’s only a small number of customers.

convertkit affiliate program 2

There is also more competition for programs that offer high commissions. Because you’re likely just beginning and aren’t sure how to earn a significant amount of money competing with highly skilled marketers with huge pockets.

B. Low-paying, high-volume affiliate marketing programs

Affiliate programs are products that pay low but have the appeal of mass.

Take, for instance, PS4 games for instance. A lot of people play PS4 however, the typical costs of the game is about $50. Affiliate commissions usually fall into a single number. That means you’ll earn between $2 and $3 per sale if you’re lucky.

The benefit of these kinds of programs is they generally provide a wide range of goods to sell. Consider Amazon’s affiliate program for instance. You could earn up to 10% commissions on virtually everything Amazon sells.

amazon associates 2

Another advantage is that often you get commissions on the whole worth of the purchase, rather than only the product you advised.

In order to make these kinds of affiliate programs profitable, you’ll need a large amount of traffic.

C. High-paying, high-volume affiliate marketing programs

They are affiliate programs that target items that have a huge appeal that also pays large commissions.

One example is a credit card.

Everybody requires credit cards and many people remain with the same business for many years (sometimes even for decades!)

The disadvantage of these types of goods is that they draw affiliate marketers who have a lot of knowledge and large sums of money. They also employ spammy techniques which you can’t beat.

As this is a guide for newbies, I’m not going to get into it any further.

Make sure you are aware of these programs are available.

How do you decide which affiliate marketing programs to join?

It all depends on your area of expertise and your level of knowledge.

If you’re targeting customers then you’ll probably go with the second model, which is low commissions and more sales.

If you’re looking to target an audience for business then you’ll probably go with the first option which is high-paying and low volume. The most popular applications here are related to web hosting and software products.

How I Made 21 200 09 Blogging in October 2019 Blog Income Report 2 affiliate marketing

The most effective way to locate these affiliate programs is by using the Google search.

google search 2

Alternately, type in a competitor’s affiliate website into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and then go to the linked Domains report.

For instance, I am aware of the fact that Pat Flynn promotes a number of software-related products through his site, Smart Passive Income. Looking at the Linked domains report, it appears that Pat connects to Aweber frequently.

5 aweber affiliate marketing 2

By clicking the “Links from target” caret will reveal the fact that Pat has an affiliation with Pat.

6 aweber 2 2 affiliate marketing

It’s as easy as a Google search to locate application forms for the program.

If there’s an item you’d want to promote, but with no affiliate program for the public contact the business and inquire whether they’re willing to establish the relationship with an affiliate.

Step 4: Make great content

If you wish for your affiliate website to be successful it is essential to produce quality content that is of the highest standard, and where affiliate links naturally fit.

Here’s an illustration. Tim Ferriss interviewed more than 100 famous individuals who he asked the following question:

What purchase , if it was $100 or less, that has had the most positive impact on your life in the past six months (or in the past)?

The answers were published in a blog post. He also provided affiliate links for the items including:

7 linked text 2

As you can see from these comments, it appears that his followers were awestruck by the performance.

This is the model you need to do when creating the content you want to share on your affiliate site.

Don’t just blindly select products from the top sellers on Amazon. Do your best to ensure your content addresses the user’s issue.

How? If you’re conducting critiques, actually purchase the product and then test it. This is what Wirecutter did and that’s the reason for their achievement.

8 recommendations 2

If you’re not in a position to buy each and every item it is possible to begin by using what you have in your home. For instance, if owned a tech blog and you wanted to write reviews about the gadgets you have.

Step 5 Step #5: Get people to visit your affiliate website

You’ve produced great content. The next step would be getting more readers to read it to make sure they click through your affiliate hyperlinks.

Here are three strategies to think about:

A. Paid traffic

This is the method of paying for visitors to your site. This can be done through PPC ads.

The benefit of paid traffic is that as soon as you pay you will start getting traffic.

But, there are a few disadvantages.

The first thing to consider is that running ads can take away your profits. It’s normal for advertisers to fail to make money before they earn the money… If they ever.

9 facebook comment 2

You must be realistic about the amount of time it will take to make the most of the effectiveness of a paid traffic marketing campaign.

Second, when you stop paying for advertisements the traffic will stop.

Ads are generally the best traffic strategies when you’re part of an affiliate program that pays high fees program that is able to make the figures work.

However, if you’re brand new to paid advertising and don’t have any budget for marketing (or have low-cost programs such as Amazon Associates), then it may not be an ideal idea.

B. SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the method of optimizing websites to be highly ranked on search engines such as Google.

As long as you are able to achieve a high ranking in results of the search engines with your desired keywords, you’ll receive regular and steady traffic.

At its most fundamental scale SEO is all about:

  • Knowing what your clients are looking for.
  • Making content around these themes (blog posts or product pages. );
  • Then, we take care to take care of “technical” stuff to push these pages to the top of indexes (which includes linking construction).

Learn the basics of SEO in this video, or go through our SEO beginner’s guide:


C. Create an email list

Email lists let you contact your readers at any time.

Use them to inform people about new content, and encourage them to return to your website to find more. This results in an increase in affiliate visits and revenue.

You can also make affiliate email marketing promotions available directly to your email list:

10 email link 2

To create an email newsletter, you must convince readers of your website to sign up. This means providing something of value.

At Ahrefs we display an insert box slide-in at the end of each article:

11 ahrefs blog slide in 2

Certain websites such as Gear Patrol also have a “subscribe” link on their navigation bar:

12 gear patrol 2

However, there are plenty of methods to accomplish this. You can also provide the eBook for free as well as an email-based course or even a course on the internet.

All you require is imagination.

Step #6 6. Get the clicks for your affiliate link

Just because you’ve created an incredible piece of content, it doesn’t mean everyone will click your affiliate hyperlinks.

There are a few points you must take into consideration.

A. Link placement

If all the affiliate links are placed at the bottom of your page, where users rarely scroll clicking will be very few and rare.

However, ensure that every word is the subject of your introduction a hyperlink or your text will appear unprofessional.

You must balance link placement in conjunction with other elements below.

B. Context

Let’s say you wanted to write an article about the best kitchen knives that cost less than $50.

Your introduction isn’t likely to look like this:

Today, I’m reviewing the best chef knives.

The links appear out of context and appear to be spammy.

This is more logical:

Today, I’m going to review three different knives for chefs that available on Amazon for less than $50. These are, product name 1product name 2, and product name 3

C. Callouts

Utilizing callouts, such as tables, buttons, or boxes can be used to draw readers’ attention and make your content more accessible.

For instance, the Wirecutter makes use of eye-catching boxes and hyperlinks to their products whenever they announce their top picks.

The Best Thanksgiving Kitchen Tools and Tableware for 2019 Reviews by Wirecutter 2

PC Mag takes a different method and utilizes a comparison table that has buttons:

pc mag comparison table 2 affiliate marketing

Step 7 Step #7: Convert clicks into sales

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising where there are two conversions that need to be completed in order to earn money.

The first conversion occurs when you click on the page for the product.

You’re in total control of this decision. Utilize the strategies mentioned above to increase your odds of obtaining the click.

The third conversion occurs when the buyer of the item. In the case of affiliate marketing, the retailer has the final say in the purchase and the conversion rates are not under your control.

You must use the game to your advantage and search for retailers with software that can convert effectively.

Here are a few methods to locate these:

A. Public income reports

If you see people making a good income from affiliate programs It’s likely the product is well-converting.

What can you do to determine when people are making money?

Take a look at the income reports of public sources in which bloggers reveal publicly the amount of money they earn through affiliate sales.

These reports can be found on Google.

For instance, if you look up “income report amazon affiliate” there will be a number of blog posts that show how bloggers made profits from Amazon Affiliates.

income report amazon affiliate marketing Google Search 2

One blogger has earned $7,300 over the course of a month, thanks to Amazon commissions.

13 income report amazon 2 Affiliate Maketing

If you’re also in this field it’s also possible to take an examination of where her additional affiliate revenue is derived, and possibly make use of similar products.

B. Ask questions

If there’s no information on an affiliate program you’d like to join make sure you sign up and inquire about it.

You might like to know what their conversion rates are, or an approximate amount of their top earner’s monthly commissions.

This will help you determine whether an affiliate program is worthy of promotion.

C. Utilize your senses

Sometimes it’s best to follow your gut instincts.

If the program or the product that you’re evaluating is a bit “off,” or if you’d never personally recommend it to a family or friend member, then you shouldn’t endorse the product.

Final thoughts

The affiliate marketing wheels have not been invented in this case. These are the basics that if you apply them correctly will help you get started on the right track.

Do not expect a life-changing amount of money or the freedom of quitting your job in a day. Affiliate marketing is a process that takes time.

Focus first on making your first affiliate sale. As your site expands it is important to set new goals and keep experimenting.

This is how you can set up an internet site that produces a substantial income.

Got questions? Please let me know in the comments below or message me on Twitter.

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