In the meantime, as ChatGPT continues to spread its wings across the corporate landscape, Google is introducing its own generative AI capabilities on its mail and document platforms to keep pace with the advancements created with Microsoft 365.

One of the new suites of tools is the “first draft feature” that lets Google Workspace users generate an outline of their own on any subject they want to and also an “I’m having a good time” option that helps Gmail users change how they write their messages.

ChatGPT-like technology has already been implemented by companies such as Snapchat and Salesforce however Google’s latest dynamic AI capabilities are expected to make the program easier to access than ever before. This article will help you be aware of Google Workplace’s latest toolkit, as well as the way it compares to Microsoft’s ChatGPT-based solutions.

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New AI Features are Being Implemented Across Google Docs and Gmail

Just two months after Microsoft committed to investing an additional $10 billion into ChatGPT technology Google will increase its involvement in generative AI by introducing a variety of smart features on various the platforms it operates.

According to a new blog article published by Google, the most significant changes are expected to be coming to the Google Docs as well as Gmail apps, with Google’s brand-new “first draft” feature, which allows users to make drafts that can be customized on any subject they want to that ranges from “job Descriptions” and “pirate-themed birthday celebrations”. Apart from helping users begin writing, they are also a way to edit and refine text in order to streamline the process of writing.

“We’re currently making it easier users of Workspace users to benefit from the potential of the generative AI to build connections, collaborate, and connect unlike ever before.” Blog post from Google

Another significant improvement is Google’s brand new “rewrite” ability. For those who struggle to find the appropriate tone, it is now possible to “formalize,” “elaborate,” “shorten,” and “bulletize” their messages to meet their needs. Gmail users can tap the app’s “I’m having a good time” button to test out an entirely new and fun voice which is a major improvement for the application.


The features are part of an overall effort Google is investing in innovative AI technology. The tech giant made similar features available for the Google Meets platform and created its own AI chatbot called Bard in the last month.

However, one of Google’s largest competitors, Microsoft, recently launched various intelligent solutions based on ChatGPT’s technology What do Microsoft’s advanced features compare?

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Microsoft’s and Google’s Generative AI Race Intensifies

Microsoft’s connections to OpenAI can be traced to the year 2019 when the software giant first committed $1 billion to the research lab. Since that time, Microsoft has expanded this collaboration further, adding natural language technology into various ventures, that range from the web search tool Bing to its collaboration for workplace application Microsoft 365.

In a nutshell, the investment has been paying dividends. Following the launch of its new ChatGPT-powered search engine, Microsoft saw its users per day rise to over 100 million – directly challenging Google’s dominance in search. Microsoft 365 users benefit from this technology as the software company recently launched several new features that are advanced to Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Despite Google’s latest intelligent Workplace features, however, the company’s AI product is at a disadvantage with its chatbot counterpart Bard Recently, the company was criticized for not answering a basic question during the live demonstration.

In other words, as Microsoft increases its commitment to the development of generative AI and as a growing number of firms simplify their practices by using tools like ChatGPT There is pressure on Google to make sure that they can close the gap.



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