Google One is adding a new feature to monitor cyber activity that allows users to look over the dark web to find out if personal data has been accessed in a security breach.

The new feature, announced in the last week of this month, is set to be available across all Google One subscribers in the US for no cost, as part of the Google One virtual private network. VPN through Google One.

Google One VPN launched in the latter half of 2020, however, it was limited to US subscribers using Android with at least 2TB of storage. Since today this virtual network is accessible for all Google One subscribers–plus five other subscribers who are on the Google One plan–in 22 countries across Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

What is Google One VPN?

Google One VPN also known as “VPN by Google One” is the first Google virtual private network, a security measure that is designed to conceal the IP address of a user, to stop websites from collecting their personal data or tracking their location, as well as keeping track of their internet activities.

Prior to yesterday’s announcement, Google VPN was only accessible only on Google One Premium 2TB plans with an annual price of $99.99. Today, Google VPN will be accessible for the majority of Google One plans with 100GB of storage at $1.99 per month.

With security breaches involving data increasing as well as increasing the risk of data breaches, and the VPN market becoming increasingly competitive, Google needed to expand its offerings to meet the growth of demand. As 90 percent of companies are concerned about cyber security Dark web surveillance could be the option Google One users want to feel safer.

What is Google One’s VPN Dark Web Report Feature Perform?

This Google One VPN dark web report is a brand new feature that will allow qualified users to search the web for personal information to see if their personal information was part of the event of a data breach. This feature is based on scanning the internet for personal information – such as social security numbers, name addresses, address, email addresses, and phone numbers, and notifying users if the information they have sought has been discovered.

Identity theft due to breaches of data is a growing problem that impacts millions of people each year. Much of this stolen information is available in the “dark web,” which is a difficult to access part of the internet which requires a special browser to access , and isn’t indexable by search engines.

In accordance with Google the moment users first activate the report on dark websites they’ll need to select and enter the information they’d like to track in their monitoring profile’. If any data is discovered on the dark internet, users are notified and given guidelines on how to respond and how to best safeguard their data.

Alongside flagging personal data on the dark web The report will also reveal related information that might be discovered in data breaches. While some users might be cautious, Google assures that all information that is entered into the profile will be treated in accordance with Google’s privacy policies which gives users the option to remove or block monitoring of the information in their profiles at any time.

Are Google One VPN Worth It?

If you’re a Google One customer in the US The upgraded VPN is a welcomed addition to your toolset, but in the sense that VPNs are concerned, Google One is about the same as other VPNs that are available. With the VPN currently available with plans starting at $1.99 for a month it will definitely be one of the least expensive VPNs.

There are many VPN options available. The most secure, as per our analysis is NordVPN. However, you can check out how it ranks against some of our top VPN providers by reading our review on the most secure safest VPNs of 2023 to help you make your own choice.




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