You can initiate conversations using My AI. My AI tool is like it’s simply another one of your real Snapchat contacts.

Snapchat has launched a chatbot using the same technology that powers ChatGPT which is called “My AI”, which will be available to next week for users to use.

This Social media platform, which boasts more than 750 million monthly active members, was the newest tech company to use the GPT-3 family model of language to develop a brand-innovative AI technology for users.

But don’t expect the chatbot to debate anything with you for hours – strict limits make it obedient to follow established guidelines for safety and trust.

Snapchat Launches “My AI”

“My AI”, in simple terms, “AI” is Snapchat’s version of ChatGPT. It employs identical technology to give precise answers to queries from users but has transformed it into a mobile-friendly application that is able to provide those responses quickly and efficiently.

At present this feature will be only accessible to Snapchat Plus customers, however, the company claims it will allow My AI available to all of its users, paid or free soon.

Snapchat Plus costs $3.99 each month. The company hopes the introduction of My AI will help them grow its user base currently at 2 million users, which is a tiny fraction of Snapchat’s overall user base.

ChatGPT vs Snapchat My AI: What’s the Difference?

Snapchat has assured its users it will ensure that My AI will always adhere to the safety and trust guidelines it was educated on. This means that it’s safer, but also more restrictive than ChatGPT.

Another major difference between ChatGPT as well My AI from Snapchat My AI is that the latter is more of an imitation bot for people rather than a tool that functions as a real-time business application similar to ChatGPT. This also sets My AI apart from Bard Google’s soon-to-be-released alternative to ChatGPT.

To match its more human-like look, My AI will be a different person on Snapchat that you can contact anytime. Do not expect it to discuss politics or even use swear words, however, because it’s not programmed to avoid both.

Snapchat: One of Foundry’s First Beneficiaries

My AI was enabled by Foundry which is a platform for developers that was launched through ChatGPT developers OpenAI. Snapchat is believed to have been among its first users according to the Verge.

Once it’s operational The platform for social networking platform will soon be able to enhance My AI by incorporating information from chats and possibly integrating language models from other companies.

The race to develop the most talked about chatbot in the world is now well and truly underway. Thanks to Snapchat’s My AI feature coming out in the middle of the night It’s unclear who will follow.



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