Expert Tips and Tricks for Setting Up Windows 11

If you’ve decided to upgrade to Windows 11, you’ll notice a fresh redesign with rounded corners on apps and a Chrome OS-like centered taskbar. While the operating system largely remains the same under the hood, there are some new features that you should be aware of to make the most of Windows 11. Here are some expert tips and tricks to help you transition from Windows 10 to Windows 11 smoothly.

Customize the Taskbar

The Start button is now centered on the taskbar, but you can change it back to its traditional left-hand position. Right-click on the taskbar and select “Taskbar Settings,” then choose “Taskbar Behaviors” and select “Left” to move the icons to the left and restore the Start button’s original position.

Use Quick Settings

The new Quick Settings menu allows you to control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, battery-saver mode, and more. Click on the area of the taskbar that has the Wi-Fi, speaker, and battery icons to open the Quick Settings menu. To add or remove settings buttons, click the Edit quick settings button.

Take Advantage of Multiple Desktops

Windows 11 makes it easier to create and manage multiple desktops. Hover over the redesigned Task View button on the taskbar to see any open virtual desktops or create a new one. You can rearrange desktops as needed and drag apps from one desktop to another. You can also use different wallpapers for each virtual desktop by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting “Personalize,” then “Background,” and choosing a different image for each desktop.

Customize Your Widgets

Windows 11 comes with a new Widgets icon on the taskbar that allows you to check the weather, look up sports scores, track stock prices, and read the latest news. You can customize the widgets to suit your needs and rearrange them on the page. Third-party widgets, including entries from Spotify and Facebook Messenger, are also available.

Use Snap Layouts to Organize Your Windows

Snap Layouts in Windows 11 allow you to quickly organize your windows into various layouts. Click on the Maximize button to see layout options, such as one large window on the left and two on top of each other on the right, or three in a row. You can turn this feature off in Settings if you prefer, and keyboard shortcuts are available to snap windows quickly.

Use Microsoft Teams for Video Calls and Messaging

Microsoft Teams is built into Windows 11, allowing you to launch video calls and start chats directly from the taskbar. You can sync your contacts through the Teams mobile app, and even have SMS conversations with contacts who don’t use Teams. The new Chat icon on the taskbar makes it easy to start chats or invite others to join a video call.

Use Focus Sessions to Stay Productive

Windows 11’s new Focus Sessions feature encourages deep focus and provides a way to schedule uninterrupted work time. The Alarms & Clock app offers this feature, allowing you to get at least 30 minutes of distraction-free work time. The app schedules a five-minute break about midway through your session if you work for more than 45 minutes.

Take Advantage of File Explorer Tabs

The 22H2 update to Windows 11 includes tabs in File Explorer, making it easier to manage multiple open folders or files. You can now have multiple tabs within the same window, saving you from cluttering your desktop with multiple File Explorer windows.

With these expert tips and tricks, you can set up Windows 11 to work efficiently and productively. Enjoy the new features and benefits of this redesigned operating system!


In conclusion, Windows 11 offers some new and exciting features that can help improve productivity and personalization. From the redesigned taskbar and right-click menu to the new Widgets panel and improved snap layouts, users can customize and organize their desktops in new and efficient ways. Additionally, the built-in Microsoft Teams and Focus Sessions can make communication and productivity even easier. By utilizing these tips and tricks, users can take full advantage of the latest operating system from Microsoft.

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