The essence of all faith is the in-built conviction and fervent expectation of the best things to be. Inspiring by the belief that we have in someone, something, or a higher power, such as God faith is the path to achieving our full potential. It encourages us to have a “can do” attitude and decreases anxiety, stress, and fear that may be a barrier to our ability to take action. Without it, we’re likely to sink into the despair of our own feelings particularly in moments of difficulty.

We can accomplish greater than we have ever imagined possible. Faith is only a beginning until we understand the meaning of having confidence in ourselves. Believing in ourselves provides us with that additional confidence boost and determination to reach things we would have thought out of our reach.

Don’t think of believing that it is the solution to any obstacle you face because it’s not. It is, however, an essential element on your path toward a better life.

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Winning Ways to Strengthen Faith in Yourself

To increase confidence in yourself, you must make a commitment to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create a “winning” mental attitude by thinking about the endless possibilities that are available to you.

Step 2:Accept your current situation in the present but not where you’re supposed to be.

Step 3:Assess your strengths and limitations with respect to your everyday routine and identify the strategies you’ll need to employ to improve your performance.

Step 4:Use your past successes and failures as learning opportunities as well as opportunities for personal growth.

Step 5:Draw from the courage, determination, and strength which is in you as your personal source of strength.

Step 6:Treat your challenges as an opportunity to conquer.

Step 7:No matter how bleak the situation may appear, search for the solution with optimism.

Step 8: Forgive yourself for the mistakes and failures you’ve made to use these as an incentive to be better in the future.

Step 9:Establish and implement meaningful goals that provide you with new opportunities professionally and personally. Work hard to build your skills in the areas needed to achieve your objectives.

Step 10:Faith without a shred of evidence that suggests the result will lead you to an unmarked path. Belief in what you instinctively believe to be fair and correct based on a certain amount of evidence that is reliable.

Step 11:Chronically doubting yourself is an attitude that is not easily altered. Take your time and be patient while you go through the process of enhancing the self-confidence you have built.

Step 12:No matter what might be happening, trust your ability to be the exceptional person you always wanted to be.


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